Feel: turn down the radio of thoughts …the soul must tell you something


Feeling is getting back in touch with ourselves

Feeling pain reconnects us (sometimes) with our body allowing us to bring attention to our “container” i.e. means of expression of us in this dimension

To feeling pain or generally having perception of our bodies we are all more or less used to (some times ob wrong neck); but how do we feel our soul?

Why? does the soul feel? you will say

and how? what language does he speak?

The soul speaks the language of truth

In the language of the soul there are no ifs, buts, maybes, shoulds etc.

when we perceive tension, indecision , fear of making a choice, anger, frustration, misunderstanding…it is because we are “playing the drums of thoughts” , frantically, while the soul waits for a moment of silence to let its truth emerge

There is nothing to do, nothing to look for, nothing to correct … it is all already there

Today turn down the radio volume of your thoughts and hear …. between the noise of cars in the street, between the song of birds and the siren of an ambulance, between a I must, a I should and a I should have … if you keep quiet and listen you can hear loud and clear the message of your soul.

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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