Accepting that someone (whom you love) is suffering is difficult….

… especially when you know that that suffering “is a choice” (unconscious) and that “all it would take” is the courage to “look within” to initiate change

But what if illness is the only possible solution for that soul? if illness and suffering were the only “intelligent” way the body finds to keep that person alive? If looking inward and questioning the beliefs of a lifetime was the same as dying?

Have you ever been close to someone who is hurting, emotionally or physically, wished strongly to help them out of that state of suffering and perceived a wall, a curtain of objection, of opposition?

With the most diverse arguments, typically the most logical ones, it is clearly explained to us that “this is how it is, and it cannot be otherwise,” that “there is no solution,” that “if it were not for the fault of Guy/Chio everything would be different” …

Acceptance and frustration mix until …. these two feelings come together in Love and you realize that all you can do is LOVE, love unconditionally remembering that we are all here, on this earth, to fulfill in our journey and that to do this someone needs “still this round” pain and suffering.

Let us therefore allow each person to make his or her own journey as he or she has chosen it, with love.

Long live life, always.

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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