Do you know the wonderful world of the menstrual cycle?

One of the things I love about my work today is being able to bridge “seemingly” distant worlds

In this case the bridge is between the “corporate,” productive, efficiency, performance….a “masculine” vision and a feminine vision focused on feeling, perceiving, respecting one’s own state and time, knowing and respecting the complexity of being a woman

creating a bridge benefits both sides (assuming one can really speak in these separatist terms ;-))

think how nice it would be to be able to live your womanhood freely, without fears of any kind

this (“being a woman free to manifest herself”) is a very broad theme that touches on so many intimate and profound aspects

what I want to talk to you about today is something you experience and touch every month: your cyclicality

do you know you are cyclical? maybe not, maybe yes but you don’t know exactly in what terms

I want to tell you that … you are the moon … you have your moon … and this moon has its phases, it has its moments of light and dark, it has its moments of “growth” and its moments of retreat

Does that sound familiar? Isn’t that what during each month you also feel you are experiencing?

maybe without a particular order, without a rule, without a specific focus except where it causes you some discomfort

it happens to be very skilled at doing certain things at certain times, to be able to handle multiple tasks at once, to be particularly energetic or loving, and then to find oneself “suddenly” frustrated by not being able to do these same things at other times

what’s going on?

“and yet that dish …is my workhorse, and today it came out lousy!”

“and yet … this task for me is usually smooth, I do it quickly and effectively, and today I’m having a tremendous struggle and I feel like I’m not coming to terms with it!”

From here, a wide variety of hypotheses can start to succeed in giving “a why” to this state

often think ” something is wrong.” To some latent malaise …

the good news is that the why is actually there … and it is right at hand: the why lies in our nature

a nature that we ignore both in terms of the gifts and potential we have at our disposal and the criticalities we run into unknowingly

to know your nature as a woman, to know how your cycle works, to know the pattern and meaning of your menstrual cycle allows you to know all the women you are (did you think you were one!??) and to field the “right woman at the right time,” to not strain yourself but rather to live simply and effectively in your family, work, travel, relationship arrangements

to live peacefully in your relationship with food and your wardrobe :without having crises about what do I eat! on the “crunch” moments, without spending hours in front of the open closet unable to decide what you want to wear!

you may be surprised to think that this has anything to do with your menstrual cycle, but…it does.

and when finally your cycle, your moon, become allies (and not unknown enemies) you can really start to have fun play with all aspects of your personality, to enjoy being a woman in every context ..even the work context

That is why I have been working, studying and researching for years around the menstrual cycle and its mysteries, to unite worlds outside and inside every woman

When this work meets and merges with the work of other women on the same path and with the same goal the potential is amplified to the nth degree and the result is astonishing.

on Feb. 24 join me and Francesca Cassini, a Chinese Medicine and Tuina practitioner, to gain all the information and tools you need to live integrally with your feminine in every phase of your cycle, in every context and situation: BRING THE CYCLE TO THE OFFICE

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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