Savona Red Tent “Women’s Spring” – March 21

Female 360° cycle, motherhood, fertility, menopause, Group Pathways

Women’s spring

Every woman experiences during her existence the gifts (some obvious, some to be known) and criticalities of cyclicality.

Each woman experiences in her cyclicity the possibility of being “at least 4 different women each month” and experiencing more deeply the 4 archetypes in relation to the seasons.

When we hear ourselves say that “we are moody,” we can recognize that it is indeed true rather than resent it and begin to understand that this moodiness (i.e., this connection with the moon) represents a tremendous wealth of resources, capabilities, and opportunities for us.
Learning about ourselves in this dimension can enable us to fully experience our feminine.

Then when we stop being cyclical, we have an even more delicious opportunity : that of being able to access all those women, all those resources, whenever we wish.

The ability to handle this opportunity depends, of course, on how one has experienced the various phases as a cyclical woman.

The same archetypes that we know monthly then become part of our evolution also according to the “time we are living in,” the age, the season.

This Red Tent cycle is dedicated to all women who have a desire to know deeply the nature of their feminine and become truly aware of it.

With the arrival of spring we return to access the energies of the VIRGIN, the maiden, she who “free from the procreative cycle belongs only to herself.”

Period of rebirth, new energy and enthusiasm, you regain confidence in your abilities and security.

We will delve into the pre-ovulation stage by discovering its energies, peculiarities and meanings of any disharmonies.

How do sexuality, relationships with the outside world, physical and mental energies change? aptitudes, talents?

Every woman (of any age, even menopausal) can access the maiden energy!

Therefore, it is time to meet it with the complicity and support of the early spring that is its guardian.

This appointment is part of a cycle of Red Tents for the feminine that runs in parallel with a brand new cycle of White Tents for the masculine curated by Alessio Cotena-at the end of the cycle there will be a final women’s and men’s sharing meeting to take stock together of what has been learned about nature, archetypes, and what has emerged in the two circles during the course

The meetings are not tied to each other , so it is possible to attend only some or enjoy the whole cycle

Where: Atma Center – Vico Mandorla 6 17100 – SAVONA
Cost: 35 euros per single meeting – 125 euros for the complete cycle

For info and registration : – 338.2993549 or Atma Center 347 6861802 – 345 9335865


Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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