Red Tent Genoa “The veils of women: journey through the hidden parts” – Feb. 1, 2019

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Women: pretty, tidy, mostly welcoming and motherly, miltitasking, capable of processing the most diverse things (even simultaneously), accessing (more or less consciously) an infinite amount of resources and skills, able to adapt to any situation, inclined to always “be there” for everyone.

This could be the average sketch of today’s women, of us, women of today ….but perhaps also of women of “yesterday” and “the day before”

this is partly the nature of women?

…And what do we know about the other parts?

How many parts of us do we keep hidden from ourselves and others?

how many parts of us are subject to censorship (mostly self-censorship) and remain hidden, often for a lifetime?

there are certain situations/accidents/passages in life, such as motherhood, that put a strain on our ability to “conceal” … and in spite of this, the primary instinct is to still try to keep them “down,” “hidden,” probably because they are perceived as even more “severe” when placed in relation to the concept of motherhood that each of us has

of course motherhood is only one of the possible events that can put us in touch with the hidden parts … relationships in general are sources of encounter, confrontation, and laying bare ….and this is one of the reasons why we run away from relationships when they threaten to make us access that state of depth and intimate knowledge of ourselves.

In this Red Tent, abetted by the intimate and protected setting and the proximity of like-minded souls walking the same path, we will try to remove or at least shift some veils to show ourselves to ourselves without judgment and without fear:

How afraid are we to see ourselves completely for who we are!

Feb. 1, 6:30 p.m. – Genoa, Corso Torino 9/1

for info and reservations:

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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