Red Tent “Women and the Gift Economy” – July 3, 2020

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“Women, they give.”

This, which in nature is a genuine and grand movement has taken on very different and often dysfunctional connotations at the societal level.

Women carry within them the power of giving: women give life, they give love, they give nourishment, they give welcome … no matter whether they are mothers of physical children or not.

In women the fire of creation burns.

But as always, when dealing with fire, a powerful transformative energy (neither good nor bad) one must move with caution and bring attention to the way one uses it.

There are women who do not “rule” this fire of giving, and they give, give, give beyond any limit, beyond their own possibilities and end up being victims of themselves.

There are women who, on the contrary, precisely in order not to run the risk of getting “burned” limit the flow of giving, give little by taking great care in assessing to whom to give and how much.

In both cases, the gift economy is not fluid, and does not benefit either the “giver or non-giver” or the “receive as much or as little.” Female energy has a “hemorrhage” or “stagnation,” there is no regeneration, transformation, vitality.

Where does this dysfunctional relationship with gifting come from?

What does female energy have to do with giving?

What impact can restoring balance in this economy have on the lives of all of us individually and also collectively?

Let’s talk about it together on Friday, July 3, in the energy of the Full Moon, in our new Red Tent virtual space Growing Women.

In order to enjoy a good energy space even at a distance, I ask you to arrange yourselves like this:

1. choose a red dress, blouse, or accessory that you will wear at each of our meetings

2. place where you can near where you will connect a small candle, a small cup of water, a stone, some cards or a little notebook that you destine for our meetings – thus we will have all the elements with us (fire, water, earth, air); according to your feeling you can add from time to time something to the center that gives you pleasure (a perfume, a flower etc…). Whatever space, even very small or temporary space you can give to this “shrine” is fine. Treasure what you can do by being “in what’s there”

3. equip yourself with wine/isane/drink or food that you enjoy; again, this is something symbolic, something that reconnects you to the pleasure of nourishing yourself

The date for this July Red Tent is for the evening (instead of the usual late afternoon) to enjoy the summer evening air together and the Moon rising over our heads from wherever we connect.

See you on Friday, July 3, 8:30 p.m.

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Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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