Red Tent “Woman and Roots” – May 16

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Do you ever feel the need to feel solid, stable, rooted to the ground? and instead you feel at the mercy of events, caught up in a thousand thoughts, drowned in emotions ?

Sometimes we imagine roots as what connects us to the place we come from, the family we descend from, the tribe we belong to…

All these components have certainly contributed to the creation of our personality, our evolution, and for a time to make us feel a sense of “belonging” that, for better or worse, is a source of security

But there will probably have come a time in your life when all this no longer gave you that “stability” or security … indeed … a time when you felt strongly the need to put a distance, to go with your own legs, to be able to put down your roots giving form and substance to YOUR tree of life; if you feel that it is time for you to finally sink where as and how much you want your roots in the soil you have chosen, in the space you have decided to take for yourself and to grow so “underground” (in the world below) as well as towards the sky (in the world above) according to your own time, with your own form, respecting your nature…. this Red Tent is for you.

Women and Roots was born out of the daily observation of how many of the “problems” we experience, the difficulties we encounter, and the malaises that afflict us depend on the fact that we are living a life that is not our own: how can we feel steadfast, be in connection with our perceptions, feel sustained by life if we stand on foundations that are not our own? If we do not decide to put and expand our roots?

Belonging, dependence, power games for survival become the main elements of our daily life

So here we are once again in the Red Tent, talking about us, about the women we are today in our complexity of elements …where water air fire and earth come together, to try to find together, each of us finding our own balance by beginning to know and explore in all its forms the Woman-Earth within us.

“Pleasures, self-acceptance, and connection with others come through good grounding” A. Lowen

Wednesday, May 16, 6:30 p.m. at Le Maree Center, Corso Torino 9/2

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Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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