Red Tent Genoa “Kissed by the Moon” – July 16, 2019

Female 360° cycle, motherhood, fertility, menopause, Group Pathways

Summer Full Moon

Red Tent finally moves outdoors, into nature to celebrate July’s Full Moon

If the closed, protected place allows for intimacy and deep sharing, the open place will give us the opportunity to connect with each other through the energy of the elements.

A celebratory Tent pampered, scrutinized, welcomed and strengthened by the full moon

At the center is our body, our precious/loved,/battered/sometimes even unknown BODY.

The soul in order to experience the earthly experience needs a medium, a conduit, and the body is our vehicle on this Earth. What does it represent for us in everyday life? How do we treat it? How do we feed it? How much importance do we place on our bodies? And how much, rather, to the “image” of our body? What actions do we take for his benefit and how many without caring whether these will harm him?

Is healthy food and physical activity enough to take care of our bodies?

Says Selene Calloni Williams (from The Food of Awakening) “As long as an action is not understood and honored in its totality it can be neither useful nor liberating, but continually imprisons the individual in a mechanical repetitiveness that victimizes him.”

This means that if healthy eating or physical activity are experienced as “functional” means of achieving a certain “ideal” body…we are still a long way from the integration of body, mind and soul-that is, from the true state of well-being-and indeed we become increasingly imprisoned in patterns that constrain us to the point where we feel victimized by our bodies (of diets or gym hours)

and so, if you feel like it (before you think about starting again with great September spurts of new diets and renewed gym subscriptions ;-)), take the opportunity with this Summer Tent to consciously and lovingly reconnect with your body-it will be deeply grateful

We will play with the body, listen to all the subtlest physical sensations, let our body tell itself, massage it, and immerse ourselves in a moon bath to thank it, celebrate it, nourish it, sustain it, renew it, rediscover it, love it

Full Moon Red Tent TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2019 9:15 PM – BEACH (exact location will be announced at registration)

fee for the evening : euro 20

for info and reservations :

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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