Metamedicine® online conference OPEN THE DOORS TO ABUNDANCE – September 12, 2019

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Millions of people live in the anguish of not being able to make ends meet; others are aware that they are trapped in self-sabotage mechanisms, from which they do not, however, know how to break free. Some do not realize that they are closing the door in the face of wealth and console themselves by telling themselves that money is not what matters in life anyway; still others are convinced that economic prosperity is simply something they are not meant for

Through the teachings of Claudia Rainville – founder of Metamedicine® and author of the best seller “Open the Door to Abundance” we will learn

  • To rid ourselves of what, in us, prevents us from accessing prosperity
  • To activate in us those energies that can foster abundance
  • to realize that there is nothing wrong with talking about money and wealth, and that aspiring to financial well-being is not only possible but is in no way an obstacle (indeed!) to spiritual and inner well-being.

For those who are still on vacation and for those who have already returned to work, for those who are looking for a job or wish to change …

September 12 we open a series of meetings dedicated to ABBONDANCE

Online appointment

you will be able to participate directly from your home, car, vacation spot

by sending your membership to

you will receive the link to participate

  • We will introduce the theme of ABBONDANCE
  • We will present a series of 3 monthly webinars during which we will go deep into understanding the mechanisms we put in place limiting the influx of abundance into our lives (money, relationships, energy, opportunities etc…)
  • We will make the first hints and connections to the role our MENTAL and OUR EGO play in the relationship with money, success in work, in relationships, in a word with abundance!



those who attend the free online conference will be able to register for the seminar in

Metamedicina® MENTAL-EGO to be held in GENOA on Sept. 21/22 pv – with a discount

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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