When we think about our limits we often fall into the great sea of illusion: we delude ourselves into thinking we have no limits where we are completely imprisoned by them, and we seem to have insurmountable ones where it would suffice to change our perspective by a few millimeters

Going beyond one’s limits

Is to touch the pleasure of a vastness never before encountered

Is to meet one’s potential

Is to feel that you are very different from what you thought you were or could do

when the limit is crossed with kindness, respecting one’s own time, and that crossing is an act of love and not of ego (wanting to prove to oneself and others who knows what…)

then wonderful things happen

Accadi you, great expanded full and increasingly curious to see what is still beyond

All my life I have been forced to push my limits (will it be forceps birth???) so much so that I have learned over the years to literally use violence on myself in order to “hurl” myself beyond what was identified (who knows then by whom) as a limit to be overcome

At a certain point in my life, by re-action I stopped, I stopped forcing myself, straining myself, to give myself respite to give myself breathing room to get back to feeling

It was an important time, in which I gradually found a balance between stopping striving and the complete stillness I was opposing

It was a time not without “challenging” events encountered to which I went with my whole self, with an open heart to find within myself the courage to go through the events of life with respect for me, my delicacy, my deepest feeling

I felt at some point the confidence re-emerging in me, the confidence that what I was doing, how I was doing it, was fine the way it was, not because it was “right” or “perfect” in an absolute sense but because it finally aligned with me

I began to stop needing big pushes to move forward, I began to encounter situations and inspiring people, who with a glance or a very light touch helped make me feel confidant and invited me to explore how far I can go with the sole goal of meeting myself in an increasingly authentic and whole way.

“I’m lazy, I’m indolent, I have no willpower, I can’t do it, I’m not capable …..” if someone doesn’t force me I won’t progress-this is one of the great illusions/alibi of many

Listen to me well

Close your eyes and try to feel the power of a caress that encourages you to open the door to a limitation (whether physical or emotional) and accompanies you in crossing it

Feel the pleasure and amazement of encountering an unknown vastness

Feel the pleasure and amazement of really knowing you

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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