YOU WERE NOT BORN TO HAVE BALLS – online seminar Dec. 19/20

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?? “I’ll manage, thank you.”

??‍? “I don’t feel like asking for help.”

??‍♀️ “If you don’t fight, men will crush you.”

?? “But where are the men with balls?”

?????????: How many times have you thought one of these sentences?

I imagine many.

⚠️ Being a woman with balls has become a necessity.

Do you also feel this interference?

But why do you have to be a woman with balls?

?? ??? ??? ?? ?????!

You feel it would be better to be WOMAN…. a powerful woman, aware of your energy, your inner strength but also of your “roundness” that can expand, instead of constantly having to “conquer” everything in your life.

✅ We know well what it means to have reached a point where you can no longer pretend that being a strong woman corresponds to having balls.

So we prepared a 2-half-day online course to go and explore the topic of “woman with balls” and how to break free from such heavy and tiring conditioning, because balls belong to men and not to women! (And we have other powers, no need to compare ourselves!)

The route is called
“??? ??? ???? ??? ????? ?? ?????”
A path dedicated to women of all ages who feel they have more than “balls” to give to the world.

The course is divided into:
– Section 1
Journey into the world of the woman with balls: who is a woman with balls, how to become a woman with balls and why.
Let’s uncover together ideas, beliefs, false myths, and convictions that have led us to dress in shoes that are not our own.
We begin to know the real power of the feminine
– Section 2
Each person’s story is different and deserves to be explored: let’s get into the heart of the personal stories to understand the experiences and dynamics that contributed to making you a woman with balls
– Section 3
Time for inner transformation and practice: we learn how to go through what life throws at us (even the most difficult trials) as a powerful woman instead of a woman with balls

We are powerful women!
Let’s decommission our balls and start living in respect of our nature.

È ???????? ???? ????? ???:

– They feel exhausted from having to assert themselves in everything they do
– They strive to do a thousand things, but achieve nothing but frustration and bitterness
– They do not feel recognized by the world (and by men)
– They are always angry, every day
– They feel that that sweetness for the things of life is making way for “hard” energies
– They want to give themselves a break and also be vulnerable, like everyone (including men)
– By now, they have “thrown in the towel” and no longer desire couple relationships

?The duration is 2 half days.
Nov. 28 and 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

?The cost is 120€ discounted for this edition to 90€.

To sign up:

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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