Introductory lecture “Metamedicine® for mother and child”

Group Pathways, Metamedicine and Surroundings

Introductory lecture on coding mother and baby body language according to the keys of Metamedicine® by Claudia Rainville.
Nausea? Heartburn? edema? raghades? mastitis? colic? thrush?
Let’s find out together what these discomforts mean to us.

According to a holistic view, that is, one that takes into consideration the whole person, the symptom is not an enemy to be fought but on the contrary represents the effort made by our organism to try to adapt to a situation that disturbs it. According to the Metamedicine® approach, by Claudia Rainville, our ailments are indicators of something that is not working: fighting the symptoms is tantamount to disattiving a fire alarm when it has detected an outbreak.
Starting with physical or emotional discomforts, it is then possible to accompany mothers and mothers-to-be (and if they wish, their partners as well) to search for the deep cause that gave rise to those symptoms or behaviors in them or their children.
Helping the mother understand what is happening, helping her take care of her own state of well-being first (and then that of the child) is the first step in relieving the child of the need to enact the disease dynamic to adapt to what is happening.
Becoming aware of the underlying cause of our state is the first step toward transforming what we feel is no longer profitable for us.

See you at the MY BABY Festival – Rapallo 2017 at Parco Casale in Rapallo

Edited by Francesca d’Alessandro, certified Metamedicine consultant and co-founder of the @we love moms portal

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Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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