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TangoOlistico® is a personal growth method inspired by the Argentine Tango.

We use two basic elements of this wonderful dance: the division into roles, male and female, and the type of contact at chest level in the embrace. In addition to music, of course, although we often dance to pieces very different from tango…

Because of the precision with which roles are established in this dance, by practicing TangoOlistico® we can experience different parts of ourselves , especially the active, determined, solar, masculine part and the receptive, lunar, sensitive, feminine part that each person has within him or herself.

In addition, through the special kind of contact in the tango embrace we learn about and improve the way we relate to each other, increasing our level of inner and relational well-being.

It is possible to experience TangoOlistico® in both group and pair tracks or in individual sessions.

Since it is not a tango class, but rather a method of personal growth, you do not need to know how to dance or enroll as a couple to participate.

It opens from October to December a series of 6 evenings fortnightly, in Genoa Nervi, to explore, dancing together, some of the fundamental themes in our existence:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 17 : TRUST
  • Tuesday, Oct. 31: FREEDOM
  • Tuesday, Nov. 14: MY SPACE
  • Tuesday, November 28: THE EMOTIONAL COUNTING.
  • Tuesday, December 12 : MY PLACE IN THE WORLD


Headquarters : Emil Asd Artistic Center
Via Vosgi 1 (Town Hall Square) Genoa Nervi

For information
info@francescadalessandro.net – 338.2993549

Comfortable clothing is recommended
and cotton socks

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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