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We live in a time in history and in a social system in which most of our choices arise from fear: fear of lack, fear of suffering or causing pain,fear of loss fear of not being loved,fear of not being recognized, fear of disappointment, fear of letting go,fear of the other, fear of ourselves.

It is time to turn our gaze to ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY as something that belongs to everyone (and not just a lucky few)

Some of us may already know and experience abundance, but it is possible that it only affects certain areas of one’s life-for example, the economic sphere but not the emotional sphere-or vice versa

Are we sure thatabundance goes compartmentalized?

I have been offering workshops and lectures on the subject for many years, and doing research on a personal level. I have decided to bring together in a real short training course all that I have learned and experienced–combining approaches, methodologies, insights, field experience–for the benefit of those who want a new and unconventional look at this topic.

The starting point is that Abundance and Prosperity are within everyone’s reach…but “we don’t accept it.”

But then where does abundance and prosperity come from? What is their source? And what is their grave?

Understanding this allows us to align and connect to all related energies (love, health, money, creativity etc…)

3-hour video course to gain clarity, to go beyond “the things that are said,” “the things that are believed,” “the things that we see from a limited perspective.”

We explore in depth the mechanisms that govern our relationship with Abundance and Prosperity, in all their forms, to effect profound change.

some of the topics covered in the video course:


the rush of …

attach, hold back

fear of lack

redemption, revenge, payback

lack and deprivation

standard of living

the physiology of money


speculations and bodies of pain

the universal laws of abundance and prosperity

the source of abundance

state of consciousness

conquest vs. reception

the importance of “capacity”

the importance of maturity

be do have

the first concrete step toward abundance


deserve/not deserve

family conflicts

relationship with roots

money and nourishment

bodies of pain

enrichment strategies

compensatory strategies

speculative strategies

failure strategies

measure calculate

harmony peace alignment beauty education

and …. again

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Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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