Red Tent “Walking between the Sun and the Moon” – Jan. 17

Female 360° cycle, motherhood, fertility, menopause, Group Pathways

We begin the new year by gathering in our intimate and protected circle in Red Tent, a monthly fixture for many years now.

A circle of women, united by a desire to learn more about themselves through comparing and sharing with other women on the journey.

In this Red Tent of the beginning of the year, I wish to take you on a walk between the Sun and the Moon, that is, between the masculine and feminine aspects that dwell in each of us (in widely varying proportions!).

In full observance of the New Moon that will accompany us, a Moon always related to the moment just before rebirth, we will give space for rest, for the accumulation of new strength.

So a Red Tent of rest, a pleasant and respectful walk in each other’s time between our solar, masculine, determined, guiding and supportive part and our lunar, feminine, welcoming, creative and transforming part.

I look forward to seeing you as always in the cozy Le Maree Center on Wednesday, January 17 at 6:30 p.m.

I kindly ask that you would like to announce your participation at :

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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