Red Tent Savona meets White Tent Savona : women’s circles and men’s circles

Female 360° cycle, motherhood, fertility, menopause, Group Pathways

The Savona 2019 Red Tents cycle is intertwined with the White Tents cycle curated by Alessio Cotena.

While in the Red Tent we will explore the
seasons of women,
Alessio the men’s circle in the White Tent to explore the
seasons of men.

At the end of the cycle, there will be a final women’s and men’s sharing meeting, led by Francesca and Alessio, to take stock together of what has been learned about masculine and feminine nature and cyclicality, archetypes, and what has emerged in the two circles along the way.

“White Tents” is a series of experiences in which, confront, challenge and practice transforming one’s life by rediscovering masculine energy. Through different practices such as shamanic drumming, activities in nature, meditations, exercises, laughter …. everyone will be able to discover the stages that characterize the ages of man. Re-know the moments already experienced, such as childhood, or the Warrior, and discover those that will await us, such as old age. Living and working consciously with the archetypes that characterize our lives allows us to dissolve blocks of the past, understand the present and face the future with more confidence and centering.” Alessio Cotena


FEBRUARY 8: the CHILD or the Mabon

The work ties in with the theme of the birth of the child, which for all ancient traditions was associated with December 21, the day of the Winter Solstice, a time when sunlight returned. Just as happens in the macrocosm, we too can work to reconnect with our inner child, rediscover the qualities associated with it: cheerfulness, lightheartedness, the ability to be and live in the present, and expansion.


This is the typical phase of detachment. By now the child has grown up and is beginning to look beyond his family. It is a time for great leaps, just as the force of spring leads us to go outward in pursuit of our dreams. This is also the stage of sexual maturity, the time when it is possible to procreate, but the energy is not yet turned to the creation of a new family unit; this is the time of exploration of the world and its infinite possibilities.

This phase is particular especially if we place it in relation to our society. Once it was the time of the warrior and the creation of a new family, today following the changing times it is important to emphasize the importance of following one’s dreams, not meant as reveries but as natural inclinations of one’s soul.


We reach the summer solstice the time when the Sun is at its zenith. This is the King’s time, the child has grown up, become a boy and finally shaped his dreams. This is the time to reap, as in nature, the fruits of one’s labor and share them with one’s queen and the members of one’s kingdom, symbolizing family and the larger core of our interpersonal relationships. The king has full control of his own territory, that is, his own aspirations, his own potential, and is able to put it to use for a higher purpose. This, in fact, is the moment when the king becomes aware that his power will not last forever, for at the moment of his own apex the descent begins, the moment when he passes the baton and begins to turn his energies within himself to prepare for the next phase.


And finally we come to the last stage, the moment when the king leaves the kingdom to face the spirit world. The sun has reached its waning point and is taking us to the inner states of our being, to the other worlds, the worlds traveled by the Magician and the Shaman. The experience accumulated in life, in the course of the year is made available and shared with one’s tribe. The Magician is also the keeper of the wisdom of the Ancestors, the one who passes on his knowledge to new generations.

Where: Atma Center – Vico Mandorla 6 17100 – SAVONA

Cost: 35 euros per single meeting – 125 euros for the complete cycle

The meetings are not tied to each other , so it is possible to attend only some or enjoy the whole cycle

For info and registration : Atma Center 347 6861802 – 345 9335865


Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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