Red Tent Genoa “The things I hold on to” – Nov. 7, 2019

Female 360° cycle, motherhood, fertility, menopause, Group Pathways

Can a few days of flu and (weather) storm bring great transformation?

yes … especially if you are woman, cyclical … and accept that you are one with what is there (inside and outside of you)

I wanted to cancel the Red Tent on October 18 because I was physically knocked out and because I felt that I could nurture little of the group that had formed

when you put yourself at the service of people, when you want to create a nurturing and potentially transformative space for the women you welcome, you have to be listening to your state and also accept that … no, you are not in the condition at that moment to welcome and nurture

I took my time and in the meantime also matured new reflections on the theme I launched “the things I hold on to”

as I was telling you, autumn, in our society, heedless of the movement of nature, represents that time when we “fall back into the ranks” (after the festive summer) but also that time when we are called upon to make changes (of habit, of schedule, of closet, of timing of perfomability level etc…)

Is this all right with you? Is there just a “you must” underneath? And where does this “must” come from?

we often fail to bring attention to what is really important to us, to those changes that would really be the prevailing ones for us but instead stagnate (perhaps for years) sacrificed on the altar of a feminine model to which, willingly or unwillingly, we are adhering.

I decided to recalendarize the Red Tent “The Things I Hold on to” at a very special and significant time: with the beginning of November, in fact, not only do we celebrate our ancestors, but we also celebrate the International Red Tent Day

The perfect time to reconnect-thanks in part to the energy of all the women who will gather around the world in red circles and tents between Nov. 7 and 10-to our ancestors, and to review, celebrate and if appropriate …salute the female role models we grew up with and who still dwell within us.

I look forward to seeing you on Nov. 7 at 6:30 p.m. at Le Maree Center, and in the meantime I invite you again to reflect on this question:


Let’s take the invitation the season gives us to clean up, to let go of what is no longer beneficial to us, to make room for the new by “risking” even going through the much-feared EMPTY

We will create together a space to gain clarity, to become aware of what we have said YES to for too long when we would have liked to say NO, a space to …regain space, going through fears, doubts, concerns … the feeling of each.

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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