Metamedicine® workshop “Learning to manage freedom”-September 10, 2020

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Have you ever had the feeling of SELF-OWNING SPACES OF FREEDOM?
We long for freedom, but there is a part of us that fears it, that believes we do not know how to handle it, that we do not “know how to regulate ourselves,” risking overdoing it, making mistakes, making trouble.
What led us to believe this?
What has so distanced us from ourselves that we are fearful of our potential if left “free”?
What fears block us and how to move beyond them?
We will then learn how to MANAGE FREEDOM so that we are no longer afraid of it and can use it for our own good.
An evening to start what for many is the new year (the resumption of activities after the summer) with clarity and FREEDOM.
This appointment is part of a series of 5 workshops loosely inspired by HEALING THE Wounds OF THE PAST and CHANGING YOUR LIFE by Claudia Rainville founder of Metamedicine.
To those who are tired of living a life that is not their own
To those who really want to change their lives
To those who every day think of dropping everything and running away
To those who would never dream of dropping everything and running away but can’t take it anymore
To those who believed that sacrificing and giving up were the best things to do in order not to disappoint the people they loved
To those who think they know who are selfish and continually experience conflict by seeing selfish people around them
He thinks his life is perfect like this
thinks he is free, autonomous, unafraid of disappointment, able to love and love himself, able to always make conscious and beneficial choices for himself
Is so afraid of freedom that he doesn’t even realize it
ONLINE Appointment on Zoom
You will be able to participate in 2 ways:
1. participate in live streams by interacting, sharing, working directly on your story (if you wish)
2. listen to the video recording at the times and in the ways that suit you best
Whether you follow live or delayed you will be able to carry on your personal exploration (about your history your dynamics your transformations) through the guided exercises I will offer each time.
Whether you follow live or delayed you will receive a recording of the evening that remains yours lifetime.
email specifying your best email to which you would like to receive links and handout.
Euro 40
If you would also like to catch up with the previous appointments in the cycle LEARNING FREEDOM(THE AGGRESSIVE – Finding one’s AUTONOMY – THE COURAGE TO DELUXE – MEETING LOVE)
write to me at

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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