Metamedicine® Webinar Series.

Group Pathways, Metamedicine and Surroundings


1. LIVING WITHOUT LAB EL – each of us, from birth, often even from intrauterine life, already carries one (or more) labels : he is good, he is bad, he is fidgety, he is lazy, he is awake, he is a sleeper … l

these are the first and most trivial labels (which are not trivial) that come to mind when I think of, for example, a baby still in the womb

Everything we are told, and even what we are not told, is recorded in our emotional memory, and it will be the care of our unconscious and our desire for survival to adhere to that label, no matter how much it will cost us if it is functional to our “existing.”

If you are a parent who wants to move consciously in your relationship with your children or you are an adult who is tired of living someone else’s life, I invite you to the Metamedicine® LIVING WITHOUT LABEL evening.

I will help you understand the mechanisms of “labeling” and find out how to get rid of them.



when it seems that one has reached the end of the line in a relationship one is at a crossroads : end the relationship or try and “restructure” it

What leads a relationship to “end”? What leads one or both partners to say “let’s break up”? What does it mean and how do you concretely restructure a relationship?

Why did we choose that partner and why did we come to this situation?

We will talk about this and much more in the evening devoted to couple relationships.

3. METAMEDICINE® AND MESTRUAL CYCLE: an evening to begin to understand the language of our menstrual cycle: how to read the discomforts, discomforts the difficulties, that we encounter during menstruation or other phases of the cycle according to the keys of Metamedicine®.

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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