Metamedicine® MENTAL-EGO seminar : November 17/18 Castro (Lecce)

Group Pathways, Metamedicine and Surroundings

The mental and the ego are interconnected; we often confuse the two. The mental is our servant, but we often give the reins of our existence to the “ego,” which makes us misrepresent what happens to us.

It so happens that we are no longer “awake” to see clearly the situations in which we find ourselves and, living in this way, we magnify events, becoming victims of circumstances, therefore victims of ourselves.
All this brings us into total suffering. When we are at the mercy of the ego, we are no longer in communication with our inner master.

In this seminar we learn to recognize when we are being led by the ego and are no longer directing our lives.

By allowing the ‘ego to take over our thoughts, we remain disconnected from the divine particle that forms each of us, our essence.
We will also be guided in understanding the various identifications, being able to recognize them and modify attitudes that are not favorable to us accordingly.

Conductor: Francesca d’Alessandro

At: Via Marinai d’Italia 6 Castro LECCE

For information and registration: Rosanna De Donno 329.6189460

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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