The body during each month, changes from phase to phase and gives different signals. Let’s find out together correlations and meanings of the physical signs we may encounter at different stages of the cycle.


A first level course, to begin an in-depth personal exploration of what is happening in your body each month.

You will acquire the basis for understanding the relationship between physical manifestations, archetypes (Ciclika*) and energies of the feminine.



⁃ To those who feel like getting to know and understand each other better moment by moment (we are constantly changing)

⁃ To those who suffer from specific discomfort or actual physical discomfort (of any kind) during one or more phases of the cycle and wish to understand the meaning of it

⁃ To those who are tired of having painful menstruation or feeling at the mercy of their periods

– To those who have noticed that during the various phases of the cycle certain physical discomforts/discomforts become more pronounced or quiet and wish to understand the meaning of them

⁃ To those who feel like flowing through the cycle learning to use it as a resource to get better rather than experiencing it as a condemnation

⁃ To those who are curious and want to know all those whys about cyclicality that no one has ever been able to explain


1-weekend full immersion online course dedicated to “Body Cycle and Signals” according to the Ciclika method

+ 2 follow-ups of 2 hours each post-course to monitor and understand the evolution of each person’s personal cases.


– a summary handout

– A personal workbook for the course and post

– Joining a community of women interested in the topic


edition 1: January 14/15, 2023

edition 2: to be determined

METHODS: ONLINE, live, in groups


€ 380

Early bird : for enrollment 2 months before the start of the course, € 300

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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