Curiosity prompted me to want to look up some definitions of the word PASSION; I share with you here what I have discovered is said about passion:

Etymology: ← from Late Latin passiōne(m), deriv. of păti ‘to suffer, to undergo, to endure’

Wikipedia: Passion is an impetuous feeling based on the pleasures procured by the human senses and can impede the control of reason.

Treccani: the term passion is directly opposed to action, and therefore indicates the condition of passivity on the part of the subject, who is subjected to an external action or impression and suffers its effect both in the physical and in the soul; intense and violent feeling that can disturb the psychic balance and the abilities of discernment and control

Republic Dictionary: Spiritual suffering; pain, torment:; Particularly intense and violent feeling toward someone or something, arousing instincts of strong attraction or repulsion. Intense, violent, visceral sensual love
And I could mention many others of the same tenor

But is this really what we are taught and passed on about passion?

Tell me your opinion: what is passion for you?

I would like to collect stories of passionate women, stories of women who did not accept a life without passion.

Women and stories that can be an inspiration and spur for many others.

Do you feel like telling me your story?


Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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