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Regain the purpose, the spirit, the courage, the will, to reveal yourself to the world in your true essence .

Fatigue, apathy, pseudo-depression, feeling of not advancing an inch, frustration, bitterness, envy are just some of the symptoms of an animus covered in the ashes of fear but far from extinguished.

On this path we will take up what has been buried for decades and bring it to new life. A starting over, a finding ourselves, a finally feeling whole, in the right place doing the right thing. Right for whom? FOR YOU!

You are unique and unique is the way you manifest yourself and unique is the contribution you have come to bring.

If you are in crisis, it is because you are still crushed by ego doubts but you are hearing the call of the soul-this is the key to the crisis you are experiencing.

So come, I take you by the hand, to make room for this call.

We will awaken the inner fireassociated with increased awareness and vitality.

By awakening and controlling the inner fire, you can tap into a boundless source of energy and mental clarity.

Attending to the inner fire is a daily practice to return to our center, and thus the sense of oppression, frustration , fatigue vanish : we become present, with an open heart, and flow in lightness.

some of the keys we will be working on



To say that you don’t light your fire because you don’t know where to put it or what direction to take is an excuse.

You can never have a clear vision of where you want to go by keeping your inner fire extinguished.

An extinguished inner fire hands full power (duty) to the mind and gives it the task of deciding your entire life, where to go, what to do, what to leave, what to change …and what does the mind do? he panics! and he’s right! it’s not his job to do all that!

The mind is a servant, an instrument, but if your inner fire is extinguished in whose service will this mind work? at best in the service of your masks of your fears of your ego

So first step of our Animus journey will be to rekindle the inner fire;

and if you think you don’t have it, or you don’t have it anymore , or you have it all the way “too much” pawing and you are afraid of it, STOP THINKING, enter Animus and find ACTION!

We will work on body/mind/spirit: integrating everything that can support our focus (awareness, movement, nutrition and more).

Structure: 5-month course, 5 meetings, 1 per month of 3 hours each

Each appointment will be organized in :

  • EXTRA video/audio/workbook with exercises to do from month to month if you want to practice what we see during the evenings; you will also be accompanied offline from week to week with extra content and an always open chat for comparisons, questions, needs.

Meetings remain recorded so if you miss a live event you don’t miss anything.

Dates: Saturday, March 9; Saturday, April 27; Saturday, May 11; Saturday, June 8; Saturday, July 5.

Hours: 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Cost: €500

Down payment € 250 at the time of registration

Balance €250 in June

For registration and down payment click here

for more info or questions:

if you would like to participate but need to arrange payments differently, do not hesitate to write to me; we will find the right solution for you. The most important thing for me is that you stop giving up.

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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