Masterclass for coaches, counselors, wellness and helping relationship practitioners

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If something in your profession is not working or if in your profession seems to be “working” but inwardly you do not feel completely right, it is a sign that there is simply a need to realign your work with your frequency. As well as if you feel you need to integrate new tools to take your work to the next level.

When your frequency is consistent, you can bring your whole system, personal and professional, into consistency.

I feel it is time to share with colleagues who wish to do so, or those who are training but already want to have a clear vision of how to enter the field, the gifts I have received in terms of inspiration, clarity, alignment.

The contribution that each of us can make is valuable, and it is our duty to give from the space of our most authentic and respectful expression of our nature.

Together we can:

  • Finding the deep meaning of working in helping relationships
  • Discover and respect the space in which you move best (single sessions, groups, conferences…) to be aligned with your mission
  • Redesign your business inside and watch it flourish outside

Each of us has our own specificities, our own peculiarities, our own unique way of accompanying. In these masterclasses we will make space, discover together your uniqueness, the most authentic and respectful expression of your nature within the helping relationship.

Goal: To find coherence so you can vibrate high and bring your contribution to the world.


3 Live group masterclasses

2 hours each masterclass

included in the pathway:

  • Extra content with practices to put in place between meetings
  • Follow up at 1 month after the end of the course

Group of Max 3 people so that it can be a shared but focused work on the specifics of each participant.

Dates: Thursday, May 9, Thursday, May 23, Thursday, June 6.

Hours: 7/21 p.m.

Promo price 1st edition: €300

At the end of the course, those who wish can then continue individually with soulful enterprenourship to concretely set up and grow a business that is aligned with their life purpose.

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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