TangoOlistico® and Theatre: IF I WERE IN YOUR SHOES workshop series

Group Pathways

If you are reading these lines it is probably because Theater and/or Tango have attracted you and you are ready to experience

If at this time you are experiencing difficult relationships, conflicts, poor physical and emotional well-being, tensions, worries, fatigue … this workshop series is for you!

3 opportunities to play, feel, taste, smell…bring all the senses into play and let the body do the talking, lead us, give us experiences…new or simply forgotten

With Ilaria Scaliti pedagogist counselor and actress.

“All the world is a stage and we are all called upon to play endless roles, but if each of us were asked to put ourselves in each other’s shoes what would happen?
Have you ever wanted to get inside each other’s heads? Have you ever said to yourself I want to be you for a day?
By playing and experimenting, through our creativity and theatricality, we will discover together that we can satisfy the need to know and understand each other’s points of view.”

With Francesca d’Alessandro operator trainer of TangoOlistico®.

“We will play with our masculine and feminine polarities, we will experience different parts of ourselves , especially the active, determined, solar, masculine part and the receptive, lunar, sensitive, feminine part that each person has within him/herself. Through the particular kind of contact in the tango embrace we will learn about and improve the way we relate to each other, increasing our level of inner and relational well-being.”

TangoOlistico® is not an Argentine tango class but rather an opportunity to discover and understand parts of oneself; it is not necessary to know how to dance or come in pairs

3 pleasure appointments,

Because personal growth also goes through there!

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9 from 2:30 to 6 p.m.


Workshop dedicated to the theme of FREEDOM: we all want to be free! but is that really so? it is possible that part of us fears freedom, or it is possible that having never known it fully we do not know exactly what it is and how to gestate it

How free am I in my life? In my choices? In my feeling? How free do I feel in relationships? How much do I let others off the hook? dancing in the embrace of TangoOlistico and “playing” with theatrical techniques we will address these and many other issues related to the theme of FREEDOM

It will also be possible to do individual work with some of the participants, helping them in the awareness process.

SATURDAY, MARCH 9 from 2:30 to 6 p.m.


Workshop dedicated to the theme of TRUST: What is trust for you? What is your relationship with trust? How confidently do you move through life? what scares you? How can you improve the quality of your relationships by expanding your trust space?

You will experience the two typical parts of TangoOlistico: the active part and the receptive, contact part. This will be precisely the way in which, during the sharing, it will be possible to understand what is the way we trust others, or perhaps even ourselves.
It will also be possible to do individual work with some of the participants, helping them in the awareness process.


SATURDAY, MARCH 23 from 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. : GRAND FINAL AT THEATER.


We will work on the concept of Seduction understood in a broad sense as Self-driving (i.e., leading to self, convincing) not only people but also the environment or situations in which we find ourselves.

Each of us seduces automatically, in our own, particular way. Sometimes we enact an “active” seduction (similar to the male role in the tango) and/or sometimes a more sensitive, waiting seduction (more similar perhaps to the female role)…

During the workshop, through the proposed experiences, each person is invited to increase his or her awareness with respect to his or her seduction modes and through alternating roles will experience a different seductive mode.

It will also be possible to do individual work with some of the participants, helping them in the awareness process.


Where: Holistic Studies Center Via Malta 4/5

Cost: Single workshop Euro 45 Package 3 meetings Euro 120 –

Single workshop for couples Euro 80 – Package for couples (including friends) Euro 200 (100 per person)

for info and reservations: info@francescadalessandro.net

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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