Red Tent “Woman vs. woman? Roots and culture of female misogyny” – March 2

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Talking about female misogyny in Red Tent seems anachronistic

Those who have known Red Tent have known a dimension in which all ideas, pre-judgments and judgments, all beliefs, reservations and barriers that in daily life create separation between people, and between women specifically, fall away-disappear in general disbelief to the point of feeling it a completely natural thing.

What happens in Red Tent is simply what would happen according to the natural order of things: women who welcome and support each other “no matter what” because there is a thread that unites them despite all the social conditioning and a patriarchal culture that has distanced women from their essence.

It is possible for this to happen because in Red Tent, meeting after meeting, each one begins to rediscover her true essence of being a woman, begins to gain a deep awareness of what her needs are and how to nurture them, in spite of what she has learned during her life in the family and in the “world.”

But what does it mean to be a woman among women today?

It can mean many things; it can mean deep love and understanding beyond any judgment of merit, but also separation, conflict, lack of support, aversion, jealousy, lack of empathy, judgment, loneliness

Those who have experienced the energy of the women’s circle in Red Tent have probably experienced both aspects that I am describing here; it is possible that they are still experiencing two parallel worlds ..the one inside and the one outside Red Tent or that gradually the two worlds mix and one becomes able to transform the energy of the circle into a way of being, of seeing and living life. When this happens suddenly one realizes how many wonderful women we have around us-regardless of the context.

What really changes our gaze? What makes us enter one mode or another so naturally?

We will see together how ancient and deep is the bond that has united women since the dawn of time and how “strong” have been the conditioning over the centuries that have led women to no longer be “sisters”

What is the true identity of women?

“Women need women to form and preserve their sense of identity, in the same way that men need the support and recognition of other men for the same reasons. People still look to men for a sense of their own worth, their right to exist, ignoring that a man will never be able to fulfill this need.” Antonella Iurilli Duhamel

How to carry this message? How to act it out in daily life?

What better place than a women’s circle to talk about it, hear about it, “remember it,” and understand how to take this identity into the world?

See you in the Red Tent, with the support and energy of the Full Moon on March 2.

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Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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