Red Tent “The Generational Backpack” – Oct. 27, 2016

Female 360° cycle, motherhood, fertility, menopause, Group Pathways

Do you feel that you are traveling in this life with too heavy a load? !!

We gather for a new evening of sharing and women’s talk in the intimate and protected setting of the Red Tent, a special place that harkens back to the mists of time.


Have you ever taken a look at your generational backpack, the one you carry and share with all the women of your generation and your society?

“It’s full of aspects of you that you don’t always know, that periodically surface in the form of fears, anger, taboos, aggression, paralysis, and other urges, but that I can also encapsulate potentials to bring to bear.

By knowing, not denying these aspects, you can choose more freely what kind of woman you would like to be and you can decide to take some stones out of your backpack, making it lighter” (Verena Schmid)

An evening to look together inside our “backpacks” and perhaps review, reevaluate decide what to keep, what to value, and what to let go of the baggage with which we have come so far TO START AGAIN MORE AWARE AND READ!

I am waiting for you!

ASS.NE NUOVI SENTIERI Via Malta 4/5, Genoa

For info and registration: 338.2993549 Francesca –

Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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