I feed on music


I feed on music: my story across notes, genres and years

Music is a fundamental part of my life. I sing all day long, ranging between different genres and vintages. From the first note, I recognize the songs and memorize the lyrics, regardless of the language.

I am convinced that this musical inclination of mine was born with me, and naturally developed thanks to my parents, who were great music lovers and pioneers. You may not only know: I was born in a radio station.

My history with music

My parents, in their early twenties, introduced me to the world of music. My father, a visionary and enterprising man, founded one of the very first private radio stations, and my mother was with him as a companion and speaker of the first broadcasts.

1970s and the musical legacy

Music, records and broadcasts recorded on tapes in the 1970s deeply marked my childhood and my artistic and musical education. Looking at my brothers, who are true musicians, I think our passion for music is a family trait.

Here are two songs that have always connected me to my dad.

Musical genres and preferences

I love big orchestras as well as soloists. I am enchanted by poetic, meaning-filled lyrics that touch my heart, and I enjoy catchy, lighthearted songs with refrains “that catch.”

These days looking at my daughter, 13 years old, I remembered what I used to listen to around 14 years old: it was really a mega mix! I listened to the Platters, the Beatles, country music (not fashionable at the time), and big idol Frank Sinatra. Broadway musicals were my dream, as much going to see them as imagining being able to perform them. A chorus line my favorite movie memorized every line, choreography and song.

Europe in top group shared with schoolmates, first band I saw in concert and following Micheal Jackson concert! Simple minds and Spandau Ballet 80s classics I liked a lot but also to Baglioni (sempiterno)and Pino Daniele. So many worlds!

Music as a language

Music makes me travel. Knowing so many genres of music is like having a large vocabulary for me, which allows me to express myself accurately and best convey what I feel and want to share. I don’t play any traditional instruments, but I play my voice and my body.

Theme Playlist: A Gift for You

I am preparing a new gift to share with you: themed playlists that will accompany and support you on our journeys together. Stay tuned!

Music is more than a passion for me, it is a way of life. Sharing my experiences and playlists is my way of taking you on this musical journey.

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Written By Alexandra Francesca D'Alessandro

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